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December 15, 2011
Summer Rohe


I grew up in church.  I was brought up as a Methodist and in the Methodist faith you are baptised as a baby and then confirmed as you commit your life to God .This usually happens in the 8th grade.

My family was very much into sports and 8th grade soccer seemed to get in the way of confirmation.  I couldn't let my team down.  I was going to wait till the next year. The same situation happened in the next two years.

At this point, I was now in high school and making new friends.  My life was beginning to take off. My boyfriend was a senior and I was the star of the tennis team.  From the outside everything looked perfect.

This relationship was tearing me down from the inside.  I was starving myself, drinking when I was too young and engaging in pre-marital sex. During this time, I did not tell anyone.

After the relationship ended, I kept busy to keep from thinking about what I had given up.  I didn't realize I was running from my guilt.

It was now my senior year in high school, a year or so after I had been in the poor relationship.  I dated a guy who helped me realize I had this heavy guilt and a living breathing relationship with God was the only way to release it. I will never forget that afternoon outside of his house. Since that day, God has not stopped doing great work in my life.

In 2009 my best friend passed away and I thought there was no way that God was ready for him.  I knew God was with me the whole time.  We had a lot of time together. My closest earthly family was 800 miles away.

I have gone through many trials that have strengthened my relationship and faith and also humbled me as a believer.  I always have to remember that God comes first. I cannot do it alone!