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June 7, 2007
James hogancamp

Greetings in the name of Jesus! My name is James Hogancamp and I would love to share with you the life-changing power that has turned my life around.  As a child, I had a praying mother who raised me in the church. I thank her for that. I also had a father who was a good provider so that I never lacked anything. I was the baby of the family with five sisters older than me.

As I grew up, my mother tried to teach me the right way, but unfortunately, I listened to the devil as he showed me the things of the world, tempting me and causing me to feel as if I would miss out on something if I followed my motherís teachings. By the time I was in seventh grade, I had already started using drugs and was being led into the fast lane. As I think back, I remember so many occasions when I literally should have died. God spared my life and I can only contribute that to having a mother who was always praying for me. Yes, I believe God spared my life because of my motherís prayers.

I ran with Satan for twenty-three years, doing drugs, selling drugs, and making drugs.  My life revolved around drugs. Anything I found that made me feel good, I just had to have more of. I took drugs to stay awake and I took drugs to sleep. I had a good job and had no reason to mess with drugs, but the lifestyle had me hooked. I could not survive without drugs. Because of that, no matter where I went, from state to state, I stayed in trouble with the law and was never able to stay anywhere for very long.

I could go on and on about the condition my life was in because of drugs and the desperation that those drugs had driven me to, but what I really want to do now is to share with you how, on June 6, 2003, Jesus set me free from Satanís captivity and changed my life forever.

I was on the run, charged with two counts of murder and was not willing to face the consequences.  The charges were heavy and the penalty was too great. At this point in my life, I could not go long without my drugs.  My life was a total mess and I was literally at the point of killing or being killed.  I had no hope and no help. John 6:44 records the words of Jesus, ďNo man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him, and I will raise him up at the last day.Ē

I was running from the law and had plans made for my escape. I had a destination in mind, but I did not end up there. My mother and my sister began to pray in earnest for me without ceasing. While at her house in Illinois, my sister began to talk to me about how good her life was when she was living for Jesus. It was at this point that the drawing Spirit of God began to tug at me. I told my sister to call the preacher where she used to go to church.  He wasnít home, but she left him a message to meet us at the church. This was a Friday afternoon and we had no idea where the preacher was, but my sisterís faith drew us to the church anyway.  As we pulled into the church parking lot, we saw the preacher also turning in. He opened the building and as we went in, we immediately started praying.

I was truly tired of what my life had become and really sorry for all I had done.  As I began to cry out to Jesus, I repented from my sin.  Satan began to tell me that it was too late, that I had done too much for God to forgive me. He said, ďItís no use now, James;Ē but as I continued to pray, Rev. Gray and my sister prayed with me. I remember pouring my heart out to God. I was completely broken and knew that Jesus was the only hope I had.  My sister came over to hug me, but as soon as she touched me, the Spirit of God came over both of us in such an undeniable way that I knew it was God.  I felt, as the old hymn says, that my burdens were rolled away.  I felt clean, cleaner than I had ever felt before.  I felt love come into my life and there was a peace that came over me that gave me joy!  I asked Rev. Gray to baptize me and before he had the baptistry full, I was in there being baptized with my sister right behind me. 

There is no doubt about it, God saved me and put his Spirit within me that day. He took my drug craving away instantly.  I experienced no withdrawal.  It has been four years now and I am still clean and free of drugs, there is no desire at all. The lonely craving I have now is for more of Godís Word every day and to draw closer to Him. My greatest desire is to share the hope and help that I have found in Jesus. 

I turned myself in that day even though I knew that it would mean my freedom and possibly my life. God has been with me every step of the way and I have been able to share with many lost souls in the jail and prison system the life changing power that comes only through Jesus Christ, my Savior.  I pray that everyone who reads this will feel God drawing them for a closer walk with Him. 

In Jesus name I pray, Amen

James Hogancamp

We met James while he was at the Jackson County ADC. He is currently serving a life sentence, but faithfully and joyfully sharing Jesus with all who will listen