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September 1, 2004
I have always gone to church, but I have not always known God. I went mainly because I was afraid of death and knew that I needed something spiritual. About two years ago I remarried and then a year later my life started falling apart. I found myself married to an alcoholic and I allowed his alcoholism to bring me right down along with him.

We began to argue and finally started having serious fights that usually ended with me calling the police and having my husband arrested. One night one of our neighbors even called the police after witnessing my husband hit my oldest son. Needless to say, with all these calls to the police and with children in the house, The Department of Human Services (DHS) became involved.

 The next argument that we had turned really nasty and everything finally came to a head. The argument was over a new pair of shoes I bought for my son.  My husband got mad at me for spending the money and threatened to throw the shoes away.  I lost control, and in the heat of the moment, attempted to run over my husband with the car.  He jumped onto the hood of the car, broke the windshield, and we both ended up in jail. Of course, our children were taken from us that night by DHS.

 Our children were in a shelter for several weeks and then placed into foster care. I was devastated! My son and I had never been separated (he is eleven years old). My son was placed in a different home from my stepchildren.  It turned out to be the home of a Baptist Pastor.  I did not realize it then, but this was Godís hand that placed him there. This was the means by which God would finally heal my family.

 The first time I met my sonís foster mother she invited me to church.  Of course, I went so I could be with my son.  I went every Sunday (morning and evening services) as well as Wednesday evening when my work schedule permitted.

 Well, it happened! The church had a Bible conference and during that week, on July 27, 2004, I gave my life to Jesus Christ and accepted Him as my Savior.  I felt so brand new, I knew that I could make it through anything now.  I didnít know what was coming, but my life was saved and changed.

Everything did not suddenly start to become great however.  In fact, I lost my car and my husbandís truck and almost lost my home.  My husband went into the Home of Grace for men seeking help for his alcoholism and I had no intention of taking him back when he got out.  That same day, the power company turned off my power. With no power, I sat with a flashlight and read my Bible.  It was Godís Word alone that gave me the strength to get through that difficult time.  My pastor helped with the electricity and on Monday, after suffering through the week end without light or air-conditioning, I again had power. 

During the three months that my husband was gone, it seemed like just one bad thing after another happened.  I had no transportation and I got sick and could not work for two months. God sent me a friend who also needed me.  She needed a place to stay so she and her children moved in with me.  She has taught me so much about Godís Word and I am so thankful for her.  She had a car and helped me when no one else would.

I continued to go to church learning more about Jesus and my son was returned to me in September.  My husband completed his program at the Home of Grace during which time he recommitted his life to the Lord and returned home a new man. He is now in church with me faithfully every Sunday. My stepdaughter came home last week and my stepson is in treatment, but will be home for Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for!  My daughterís foster parents had an extra car that they agreed to sell to us, my husband found a good job just two days out of the Homes of Grace, and I am back to work myself. 

The Lord had to get me on my knees and teach me humility and dependence on Him.  He had to bring me down to get rid of my pride, but He eventually lifted me up and restored my family. As a family, we now live by His Word and keep Him in our lives always. I praise God and thank him everyday for loving me and for keeping my family together.

Nancy Grimes